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Casa Elana is based on the minor road that runs through the village, as such, from time to time, you can hear the traffic. Also, contrary to what many think, Southern Spain can get cold in Winter. Previously, this could prove a challenge for Casa Elana, but not any more; in December, we had new high-tech windows and French doors installed. And boy, do they ever make a difference!

The old windows and French doors were beautiful. Made of traditional wood, they perfectly matched the rustic feel of the house. But they were old. The glass was only a few mm thick and offered zero sound and heat insulation.

The new ones are incredible. Granted, they are not fancy to look at. They're plain white, after all, but what they lack in looks they make up for in performance.

After much research and advice, we went for double-glazed Climalit Plantatherm 4 windows throughout. Those words might mean nothing to most, but you need to know that they offer maximum soundproofing, heat insulation (for the Winter) and heat repellent (for the Summer).

Without boring you senseless, the cavity in the glass is filled with heavy gases, the effect of this is massive soundproofing. I was sceptical about how effective this would be, but I was amazed. Open the windows, and you get the glorious sound of Spanish life all around you. Close them, and you get silence. They really are that good. In Torrox they empty the bins nightly, and you used to sometimes get woken by the bin lorry as it trundles through the village. Not anymore.

As well as soundproofing, the windows have a special coating to keep the heat in during the colder months and the sun's heat out in Summer. They don't block the sunlight. The house is still flooded with light during the day. They only remove the heat from the light. Honestly, I've no idea how they do this. But I've tested it, and it works.

This means you put the heating on in Winter, and the whole house is toasty in no time. And in Summer, you don't need to put all the blinds down to block out the sun.

Overall, the house is now so much more comfortable and quiet. It's now so quiet!

We loved staying here. Great house, clean, with all the amenities and many details that have made a perfect stay.

Lucia - Airbnb

Casa Elana is a beautiful traditional house in a lovely location with a private rooftop terrace that boasts beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Andrea - Google

Beautiful quaint Spanish townhouse, close to the village centre, tapas bars, restaurants and shops. Spacious roof terrace which overlooks the mountain.

Paula - Facebook

Cannot rate this house highly enough! The hosts have thought of everything for a great stay. Spacious and homely with a wonderful roof terrace with a great view across the Torrox hills. A great find!

Linda - Facebook

Lovely location, with beautiful views of the village. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean. The hosts were very helpful and attentive.

Eli - AirBnB

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google


Casa Elana
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Malaga Spain

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