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Torrox is generally a very safe place. Down on the Costa, there is a small amount of low-level crime, and out in the campo (countryside), there is the odd report of dodgy-looking characters hanging around fancy houses. But in the village, where Casa Elana is located, there is almost zero crime of any description. (Something worth noting here is the presence of the local Torrox police. Unlike some countries, they are always around, visible, helpful, and friendly.)

But it never hurts to be cautious, so Casa Elana now has an all-singing, all-dancing Alarm system.

It's not just for the (rare) occasions the house is empty but also for the additional peace of mind for guests, both overnight when they are tucked up in bed asleep and when they go out, leaving the house unoccupied.

There are motion sensors on all floors and open/close sensors on all the doors. There's a keypad near the door to arm and disarm the system (we'll give you a pin-code) and a big loud siren on the front of the house. It's all connected to a monitoring service that will call the police if the alarm is activated and not confirmed as a false alarm.

In addition, it has a complete battery backup in the event of a power failure and mobile internet in the event that the house Wi-Fi goes down.

Guests' use of the alarm is entirely optional. We'll chat to you about it before you arrive, and if you want to use it, we'll give you a temporary code for the keypad that will work for the duration of your stay. You can then arm and disarm the system when you enter and leave the house. You can also put the system into "home" mode, mainly for use overnight when the door sensors are active but not the motion sensors.

Or, if guests don't want to use the alarm, we can disarm the system remotely before check-in, and reactivate it after guests check-out.

It must be stressed that Torrox is not a high-risk area. As said at the top, there is little to no crime in the village, so the addition of the alarm system to Casa Elana should not be seen as an indication of a problem. It's merely an additional way to make our guests comfortable and safe during their stay.

We loved staying here. Great house, clean, with all the amenities and many details that have made a perfect stay.

Lucia - Airbnb

Casa Elana is a beautiful traditional house in a lovely location with a private rooftop terrace that boasts beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Andrea - Google

Beautiful quaint Spanish townhouse, close to the village centre, tapas bars, restaurants and shops. Spacious roof terrace which overlooks the mountain.

Paula - Facebook

Cannot rate this house highly enough! The hosts have thought of everything for a great stay. Spacious and homely with a wonderful roof terrace with a great view across the Torrox hills. A great find!

Linda - Facebook

Lovely location, with beautiful views of the village. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean. The hosts were very helpful and attentive.

Eli - AirBnB

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google


Casa Elana
Calle Pontil 1
Torrox Pueblo 29793
Malaga Spain

Tourist Licence: VFT/MA/55769