Airbnb Bans CCTV Cameras

Airbnb Bans Cameras In Holiday Rentals

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UPDATE: Airbnb has informed me that the new camera policy is under review. It's expected that cameras like those at Casa Elana, which are covered in the listing and the guests are able to turn off, will be allowed. The updated policy is expected to be rolled out soon.

In light of this, we're going to remain on Airbnb, but to comply with the policy as it is now (no cameras) we have arranged for someone to visit the house before an Airbnb guest checks in to remove the cameras. They'll then return after the guest checks out to replace them.

This has, of course, added an additional cost to Airbnb rentals, so we've had to increase the cleaning charge accordingly.

The additional cost can be avoided by booking direct here..

Airbnb has just announced that, from the end of April 2024, cameras inside any property listed on the platform will be banned, even if they are clearly marked, and guests can turn them off.

Read more to learn why they've done this and how things will change at Casa Elana.

Over the last few years, the problem of hidden cameras in holiday rentals has become big news. Now, whether this is a widespread issue is a discussion for another day. But as the term "Airbnb" has become synonymous with holiday rental property, the words "Airbnb" and "hidden camera" have featured in many headlines, which has been a bit of a PR nightmare for the company.

To address this, Airbnb has announced that from April 30th, 2024, ALL cameras inside a rental listed on their site will be banned. Previously, they were allowed in communal areas.

The notion that this will deter creepy hosts from using hidden cameras in their properties is naive. Filming guests has always been illegal, so another rule isn't going to stop these people. It might make people feel safer, but it won't actually make a difference. Indeed, it's very likely to make matters worse, as those hosts who feel they need to use cameras for legitimate reasons will remove their visible cameras and replace them with hidden ones.

Nonetheless, the new rule did present a problem for Casa Elana. As this website clearly shows, we have cameras in the house. So, if we wanted to continue taking bookings from Airbnb, we'd have to remove them.

Before we go on, it's really, really important to say at this point that the cameras are clearly sign-posted, and guests are advised to turn them off when they arrive and turn them back on when they leave. The cameras do not work when guests are in the house. Guests can physically unplug them. And if that isn't enough (as some cameras have batteries), they can close the privacy covers.

Why Do We Have Cameras?

Casa Elana is not just a holiday rental. We didn't buy it to make money from rentals. It's our (Elaine & Steve's) home in Spain. We use it ourselves for large portions of the year. Indeed, I'm (Steve) here now right now.

When we're not using it, we open it up to guests. When guests are not using it, it is empty. When it's empty, cleaners and maintenance people look after it for us. For these reasons, we have cameras to keep an eye on things.

The way we manage the cameras in the house is entirely transparent and above board. Guests know they are there before they book, they know how to turn them off, and they understand why we have them. So far, no one has had a single issue.

However, due to the new Airbnb rules, we'd either have to remove them or stop taking Airbnb bookings. We're unhappy about removing them, as we feel it presents too big of a security risk when the house is empty, so we've decided to stop accepting Airbnb bookings.

We appreciate that this will be upsetting for our Airbnb guests, some of whom have become regulars over the last couple of years, but for our peace of mind, it's the only thing we can do.

We are still happy to take bookings from our guests, and we might list Casa Elana on an alternative platform, like But for now, if you want to stay in Casa Elana after April 30th, you must book directly with us on this website.

If you are an Airbnb guest booked to stay after April 30th, we'll contact you to cancel your booking. We're sorry about this, but Airbnb has given us no choice.

We loved staying here. Great house, clean, with all the amenities and many details that have made a perfect stay.

Lucia - Airbnb

Casa Elana is a beautiful traditional house in a lovely location with a private rooftop terrace that boasts beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Andrea - Google

Beautiful quaint Spanish townhouse, close to the village centre, tapas bars, restaurants and shops. Spacious roof terrace which overlooks the mountain.

Paula - Facebook

Cannot rate this house highly enough! The hosts have thought of everything for a great stay. Spacious and homely with a wonderful roof terrace with a great view across the Torrox hills. A great find!

Linda - Facebook

Lovely location, with beautiful views of the village. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean. The hosts were very helpful and attentive.

Eli - AirBnB

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google

Casa Elana is quaint, clean and has lots of storage space and no clutter. The owners, Steve & Elaine, take care of all issues immediately.

Ken - Google


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